Jet Man Flies over English Channel   1 comment

Well, all those people whining about not having their jetpack yet, start writing those letters to Santa. Looks like a nifty pack–and I can see some nice competitions coming out of this if these are ever mass produced. Imagine a big city like Vancouver with folks flying across the city. Okay, that’s in the future, but at least it’s imaginable now…

Yves Rossy Crosses the English Channel

Posted September 26, 2008 by jstueart in Mishmash

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One response to “Jet Man Flies over English Channel

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  1. Lemme get this correct.
    No inflight entertainment, No tiny bag of nuts, NO bathrooms…
    Another example of ‘more money than common sense’
    What a HUGE waste of time.

    If YOU MUST FLY, take some LSD [I did in the 1960's a LOT]
    Lotsa FUN, Cheap, and the Crash won’t Kill You.
    ’nuff said

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