Would you like some One Nation Under Gods extras?


My novel, One Nation Under Gods, comes out June 2018 from ChiZine Publications.  Right now I’m working on it, and generating a lot of cool extras that I thought you might be interested in.

What you got?  I got cut scenes, excerpts from the book within the novel, The Field Guide to the Lesser Gods of the Midwest, worldbuilding stuff… even sketches.

So I started up a Patreon to distribute all that cool stuff.  I also launched the Patreon to help me get from month to month a little better.  It’s a site where you can be part of your favorite creator’s life by helping them keep writing or singing or playing or creating.  You pledge a small amount a month–sometimes only a dollar–and those dollars add up.  You can help a creator survive and make a big difference over whether or not a creation gets made!

So if you want to join me over there in the big Patreon and get some exclusive extras, just click this giant orange button.   OR if you just want to read “One Nation Under Gods” the short story that inspired the novel I’m writing, just check out the Patreon–the story is RIGHT THERE to read.  Press the orange button and come check it out!




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