Articles (mostly Queer)

These were all articles that I wrote for What’s Up Yukon back in 2008-2010. The first was my scary debut–a piece of flash fiction before I was Out, a story I wrote for National Homophobia Week. I won first place and the editor of What’s Up, Yukon, printing the top three winners, insisted that I go under my real name. I was so nervous. Even though it was fiction, it still implicated me. And it caused my pastor, at the time, to raise an eyebrow. Later I would come out, Easter Week, 2009, and you can read more about that in Talking Dog

After I came out in 2009, I wrote more boldly as a queer man–and these are some of the first things I wrote publicly about being queer. I think they retain either a naivete, or a wonder, that coming out entails.

I’m so thankful that What’s Up Yukon still has them in their archives.

Believing in the Dog– Nov 13 2008

Queer Coffee is a community saying hello— Nov 26 2009 

Vigils Bring People Together— Dec 10, 2009

Nina Arsenault talks about the pursuit of beauty and truth—- Jan 28, 2010

Walker’s Laramie Project shows the triumph of community—- Feb 11, 2010

Gay Community sees Hope in Laramie Project — Feb 25, 2010