Some of the articles I wrote for Yukon North of Ordinary and What’s Up Yukon, I managed to find or save in some way. If you wanted to know more about the Yukon, or what was happening in theatre there, or in science, or just see some of my article work—mostly interviews—these will keep you busy.

The Mostly Queer Ones:

These were all articles that I wrote for What’s Up Yukon back in 2008-2010. The first was my scary debut–a piece of flash fiction before I was Out, a story I wrote for National Homophobia Week. I won first place and the editor of What’s Up, Yukon, printing the top three winners, insisted that I go under my real name. I was so nervous. Even though it was fiction, it still implicated me. And it caused my pastor, at the time, to raise an eyebrow. Later I would come out, Easter Week, 2009, and you can read more about that in Talking Dog

After I came out in 2009, I wrote more boldly as a queer man–and these are some of the first things I wrote publicly about being queer. I think they retain either a naivete, or a wonder, that coming out entails.

I’m so thankful that What’s Up Yukon still has them in their archives.

Believing in the Dog– Nov 13 2008

Queer Coffee is a community saying hello— Nov 26 2009 

Vigils Bring People Together— Dec 10, 2009

Nina Arsenault talks about the pursuit of beauty and truth—- Jan 28, 2010

Walker’s Laramie Project shows the triumph of community—- Feb 11, 2010

Gay Community sees Hope in Laramie Project — Feb 25, 2010


Below you’ll find some of the articles I did for What’s Up Yukon as their Theatre person—these are mostly the interviews I did, not the reviews. It was odd being both the person promoting the show through the interviews, and the one critiquing the show. People wanted an honest critique, a professional one, but eventually, as I knew all the actors, and interviewed all the directors, sincerely, I had to bow out as a theatre critic. I felt compromised by all my friendships. It’s hard to be a theatre critic when your friendships are at stake!

Here below are some of my interviews with directors and writers of the plays that came through Whitehorse. And a comedian or two.

Ron James shifts comedy paradigm–Jan 28 2010

Hazel Venzon embraces the Filipino Community–Jan 28 2010

Romantic Christmas Comedy had a long journey–Nov 19 2009

Avalanche Warnings: What you think you know, can kill you–Feb 11, 2010

Artistic Transitions: Epstein leaves, stage right–May 20, 2010

Artistic transitions: McCallum enters, stage left—June 3 2010


Finally, here are articles that I did for Yukon North of Ordinary. They do NOT link to a site. They are PDFs of the actual articles. So they are files.

Caching in on adventure–about geocaching, interviewed Michael Pealow

Young Einsteins—interviewing a team of young scientists who were going out into the subarctic field station at Kluane

My investigation of UFO sightings in the Yukon–interviewing a lot of Yukoners— What’s Going on Up There?