My Art

Here are a few samples of my art.  The first set of pen and ink sketches are ones I do live when people give me a challenge—a certain animal doing a certain thing.  The next set are illustrations from my first collection.  Then some paintings.  The portraiture was done live (except for my cousins, the boys, which were from a photo).  I have been doing portraits in pencil for most of my life–when I was 15 I owned a street corner portrait business in front of Piggly Wiggly’s in Caruthersville, MO.  I have been lucky to study under some very wonderful painters: Neil Graham and Susan Paleczny.  I’ve always wanted to do those pulp science fiction covers though…. so watch here for more soon.




  946773_10151645152132095_427846157_n 942128_10151633820162095_514492246_n

 902658_10151600612732095_843399672_o 1489269_10152107178837095_1084840048_n 1457670_10152346688747095_4283275076069001394_n 1922312_10152341689542095_5523510474471558313_n 1234484_10152394261697095_979557440367442370_n 1538785_10152396386127095_1286759376797627610_n 10298080_10152425257612095_3828539052681681065_o 10487339_10152741887507095_4878531374487663296_n 10672227_10152744053652095_5110516844086795339_n 1908433_10152766342267095_3880410808512772390_n 10408598_10152841963757095_5865691791426801739_n

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