Portrait Commissions

Would you like to have a portrait done and live in the Dayton or Columbus area? I do portraits like the ones pictured, and I currently charge $200 for an 16 x 20 portrait. I specialize in not so serious looking portraits—but as you can see below, I can also do something more serious than this.

Payment: You can pay half up front ($100) or pay ($40) up front for the portrait and the rest in 4 monthly payments of $40. Either way, at the completion of the payments, you receive the painting. This is one of the reasons that you need to live in Dayton or Columbus, as I haven’t gotten down how to ship paintings safely yet.

The paintings above were for my “Communion” series and were less detailed than my normal portraits. The kind of portrait you would be purchasing would be like my self portrait above, or Anna’s portrait below:

I take my own photos of you–because then I own the copyright over the image I paint. If I use a photo someone else took, issues of copyright on who owns your painting become blurry. So I need to take the photo or you need to take the photo and then give we won’t have a third party getting upset over paintings of their image being made and sold.

If you are interested, please message me here with a time and date for you to have some pictures taken. We’ll choose the best one for you, and then create a portrait from it. After we choose a picture, you will choose a payment plan, and we will probably use Paypal or Stripe.

My email is also jeromestueart@gmail.com for any questions.