Pooh for Easter

For Easter, I ate at the Dueck’s house with Ruth and Stan Dueck and Judy and Richard Klassen. I wanted to bring something to the dinner myself, but am a reasonably ungifted cook, so I opted to buy a dessert. I look around Walmart and there is such a bright selection of chocolate things for kids, and I guess I just wanted to bring back that kid feeling to Easter a bit. I also wanted to add an Easter ritual. At first I was going to get a regular chocolate Easter bunny, but then I found Winnie the Pooh instead and decided that we would divide the Pooh for Easter. Unintentional hilarity ensues when you divide up pooh at a dinner table….

For everyone, pass the pooh–this pooh is for you.

2 thoughts on “Pooh for Easter

  1. Kater April 16, 2008 / 9:59

    Seeing you and your quirky humor felt like a long, friendly phone call. I hope you post more videos.

  2. J. Andrews April 17, 2008 / 9:59

    Said Pooh when Disney got their mitts on him: I feel hollow inside.

    But, hey, look, it’s Jerome. Sorta live and in person!

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