My Art

If you have come here to purchase my original art, or see what I have for purchase, please follow this link at Jerome Stueart Art at Squarespace. That is the space for those who want to buy the large original paintings I have made.

For those who may only want a print, a postcard, a mug, something smaller… you can check out my Redbubble site (and I hope to have a few more designs up soon).


Fairies in the Garden is my latest set of paintings, most of them are 5 x 7, the birdbath one is 11 x 15. I’m trying out something smaller and more watercolor, lighter, funnier, that also use some of my cartooning skills.

Fairies in the Iris Garden, 5 x 7, watercolor, pen & ink, marker.
Fairies in the Rose Garden, Trumpet Call, 5 x 7, watercolor, pen and ink.
Fairies Asleep in the Black Eyed Susans, 5 x 7, watercolor, pen and ink.
Fairy Cannonballing the Birdbath, 11 x 15, watercolor, pen and ink.


My painting about the influence of police culture on protests and law enforcement.

To take their breath away (spiritum eorum auferte), 36 x 48 acrylic.

The following painting is a reaction to the Columbus Police violent multi-day crackdown on protesters. (While they have pulled back some–you can’t applaud them for NOT hitting you, gassing you, cuffing you, beating you, or arresting you. They have lost a lot of people’s trust. Here is how I think of them now.

Here are my paintings–all focused around Yukon Cornelius.

Portrait work:

These are a couple of my more serious portraits, and I use that term loosely.

My first big show was called Communion, included pictures of my fellow church members having coffee together and talking, which is another facet of communion, of living in community.

My church, First Baptist Church, Dayton, OH, is a welcoming and affirming church, meaning they welcome and affirm everyone, but especially, queer people.

Illustrating the life of my church, I tried to capture big group shots of us together in pen/ink/watercolor.

This next set are illustrations from my first collection of stories, The Angels of Our Better Beasts, and illustrate the fifteen stories/poems in the book.

When I sell someone my book at conferences, I often offer the buyers a drawing of their favorite animal doing something as an extra gift. It’s a cool challenge! We always end up with awesome, weird things. Here are a few of the ones other people have challenged me to do.

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