The Solo Art Show, “The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius” was fun—and successful!

We had a great time putting on the show for you, December 15-18, at the Dayton Society of Artists. We put up 50+ paintings, some of which you can see here below, we had refreshments (thank you Donna for banana bread and pumpkin bread) and I gave an artist talk (that has been recorded so I can use it as a video). We sold 16 paintings from the show, and 91 art cards! WOW. Thank you, Dayton! Thank you for everyone who came out and enjoyed the show. I heard many people say they would buy a book of this show and I want to do that too! So I’m looking into possibilities.

I swear people came to the show, but I didn’t carry a camera with me to take pictures…. I was chatting with them and being a host. The pics look a little empty but actually I think 50-70 people saw the show over the four days.

We also made a Dedication wall to Romeo Muller who created the character, Yukon Cornelius, and wrote the TV show script, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” from the Robert L May poem/story. Without him, the show that I created wouldn’t have been the same–or it would have had different touchstones. What I created on top of his character— a whole queer life for Yukon— went far beyond the character as written. I barely referenced the show in a vague way…. but I know the character touched many people and being able to bring out, perhaps, some of the nuances of the original script from a gay, Jewish writer. I’m hoping that he liked the version of Yukon I crafted. We transformed the character but I believe some of the seeds were already there.

Thanks, Dayton Society of Artists, for helping me put on this show! If you ever want to chat with me about renting the DSA gallery and what that experience is like, let me know. I will tell you!

One thought on “The Solo Art Show, “The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius” was fun—and successful!

  1. Matt December 23, 2022 / 9:59

    How very cool bro

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