Radio Series


Yukon 2058

My radio series on the Yukon of the future, completed for CBC’s 50th Anniversary, 2008.  In it I imagine what the Yukon will look like in 50 years, complete with a revival of mammoths, magnetic scooters, a thriving northern population, and the opening of the northwest passage.

YUKON 2058 Pt. 1

YUKON 2058 Pt. 2

YUKON 2058 Pt. 3

YUKON 2058 Pt. 4

YUKON 2058 Pt. 5


Kluane Lake Research Station Reports

Stationed at the Kluane Lake Research Station for the summer of 2009, an idyllic area: mountains, lake, scientists.  I did an eight part radio series on life at the Station for the Arctic Institute of North America.  And some other articles and press releases.   Check out this page and follow up shortly as we put more of the radio series and the PRs there.

You can find all my radio reports at this link:

Focus on Research at the Arctic Institute of North America

And you can find the Blog:  Kluane Lake Research Station here.


Leaving America

Leaving America was my radio series that I wrote, performed and helped produce for CBC North in May of 2008. In seven episodes, I recount my immigration journey all while talking about my physical journey from Lubbock Texas to Whitehorse, YT. Along the way, I talk about what it is to be an immigrant for the first time, what it means to be an alien, a journeyman, using science fiction as a metaphor, and my adventures on the road as entertainment.

The series was picked up by Radio Canada International and made into a 5-part series. I don’t have those tracks here, unfortunately. But I hope to in the future.


Adopting My Mother

Laurie and I in front of the Troll Pub in Feb, 2019

This was my first radio series, written in 2003, produced by Arnold Hedstrom.  It tells the story of how my birthmother found me, and what it’s like to meet your birthmother at 30.  How do you incorporate a person into your life who comes with such an important role, when you have parents, when you’re older, when you’re not sure what your relationship will be once you adopt this newest “mother”.

Adopting my mother 1

Adopting my mother 2

Adopting my mother 3

Adopting my mother 4

Adopting my mother 5

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