EVOLVE anthology covered in depth by Temple Library Review

I got a thorough review in Temple Library Review–and so did everyone in the Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead.  Read the conclusion of his review of me here, and then go to the link to find the rest.  It’s really nice to have anyone review an anthology in this much depth.  Thanks!

How Magnificent is the Universal Donor does what few short stories manage. It remains strong on all fronts. Well developed characters, a clever and unorthodox world and enough suspense all result in a must-read page turner. It’s a true gem that fulfills the anthology’s theme and delivers a lot more.

Read his entire review of “How Magnificent is the Universal Donor” here.  

“The Song of Sasquatch” up at Joyland

“The Song of Sasquatch,”my poem/story of bigfoot romance in the style of Song of Solomon, is up at Joyland: a hub for short fiction.  Joyland is unique as an online fiction magazine. It has editors associated with a certain geographical place and all the stories come from writers associated with that place. Occasionally, editor Kevin Chong says, they like to pull a few writers from outside.  Thanks, Kevin, for pulling me in!  Enjoy!



My Story, “Et Tu Bruté,” Makes the Longlist for the GEIST Postcard Story Contest

My story, “Et Tu Bruté,” was just chosen to be on the longlist of finalists for the GEIST magazine Postcard Story Contest.  Out of over 500 entries across Canada, they choose 15 stories for readers to read through and make comments about and vote on.  And then they choose winners.  Thank you, GEIST, for the exposure!  It’s a prize in itself to be on their website and to have my work being read.

So, go by the site, give the story a read.  Keep Brutus company.

UPDATE:  The site for “Et Tu Bruté” was retired, so I brought him home to my site.  So, while you can’t read it at Geist, you can read it at the new link above.

For more postcard stories, Geist is a wonderful spot.


Hearing me read my story in On Spec [online]

os_spr07Hey, you can hear me reading from my science fiction story, “Why the Poets were Banned from the City” online at On Spec: Follow this link here.

It originally appeared in the Spring 2007 issue that you see on the left. What I loved about the cover art by Robert Pasternak is that it is a wave of white horses, exactly how Whitehorse was named (for the rapids and their uncanny resemblance to white horses). It was a nice piece of synchronicity for me as a writer.

The piece is only 5 minutes long, but you can read the rest in the Spring 2007 back issue.

Much gratitude to Diane Walton and Colin Lynch of On Spec for asking me to do it. And for a great friend who helped me record it. Thanks!

On Spec is dedicated to publishing Canadian Speculative Fiction and is always looking for more. Hop around on their website this holiday and see what they’ve got.