For the Love of Whitehorse: Why I Live in the Wilderness City

Occasionally, people will ask me why I’m here.  They don’t mean I should leave– only what it is that keeps me here.  It’s good to think about why you live in the place you do.  You can always say that work brought you here, or love, or you were raised here, or it’s all you know… but I can’t say any of these…  so I start thinking about why Whitehorse is the perfect city.  

Whitehorse has some very unique qualities.  In a nutshell:  It functions as both the capital and largest city of our territory, while maintaining many characteristics of a small town.  It has the cultural capital of a city 10 to 20 times its size, compressed in a small area, as it is home to a surprisingly large number of artsy folk–musicians, artists, writers and our ilk.  Whitehorse is drenched in pivotal and interesting history.  Finally it is surrounded by extensive wilderness that affords outdoor enthusiasts a vast playground, and keeps folks green-minded.    Continue reading

“The Song of Sasquatch” up at Joyland

“The Song of Sasquatch,”my poem/story of bigfoot romance in the style of Song of Solomon, is up at Joyland: a hub for short fiction.  Joyland is unique as an online fiction magazine. It has editors associated with a certain geographical place and all the stories come from writers associated with that place. Occasionally, editor Kevin Chong says, they like to pull a few writers from outside.  Thanks, Kevin, for pulling me in!  Enjoy!



Like Love, but Chocolate

headerOkay, fast plug for Serotonin Chocolate from Vermillion Alberta. I am feeling something akin to love, a love that dare not speak its name, for Dark chocolate-covered potato chips. Amazing. I don’t know where my friends got these in Whitehorse, but when I find out I’ll let you know. You can’t put them down. They haunt you in that little bag with the cellophane window….and the two cows on the front…

The makers claim that chocolate releases serotonin in your brain–the same thing you feel when you are in love–which might explain my heart palpitations.  Thank you Dave  and Jaime!   You have brought us together–and I know love!  😉