What Will You Do with this Symbiont You’ve Been Given?

jadzia_dax-002Recently saw a rerun of Deep Space Nine where Jadzia Dax is reviewing a possible Trill initiate. Just to clarify: Trills have the opportunity to join with a symbiotic species which will live through many hosts. Imagine a worm that lives off you, but also provides you with the lifetimes of all its previous hosts and the knowledge it’s accumulated. There are millions of Trills, but only a few thousand of these symbiants, so there’s quite a competition for them. It’s an honor to be joined. The host’s personality and the symbiant’s personality alters when they are joined, and they become a new person. “The two become one.” But because the symbiant has lived such a long time, its personality is pretty strong as an influence, and Trills try to choose for a host a pretty strong personality who has defined themselves before joining—not someone who has no personality or desires–someone who offers nothing to the symbiant, nor to society, but who just wants to live off the symbiant (ironic).

In “Playing God” in Season Two, Jadzia finds herself reviewing a potential host. The problem is that he is eager to get the nod from her, but not to add much to a symbiant’s life. He has no passions, no plans for his life. He is living his father’s dream–not his own.

I thought about this. Here was a man who was not doing anything with his life. He was hoping that the symbiant would give him a life….

How many times do we do that in a relationship? We cancel out ourselves to make sure there is room for someone else. We stop living because we want to be “joined” with someone. We’d do anything to be “joined” including becoming what they want…. and yet we forget that we could add to the mix too.

People are fascinating. We are attracted to them because they are fascinating. Even the most “serving” personality has thoughts and dreams that happen to no one else. We all can hear the death knell on a relationship when one person tries to eliminate what makes them “them” in order to get “joined.” And we all hear wedding bells when two strong interesting individuals get together–as two strong people, bringing something to the relationship.

So, what will you do with this life you have been given? And what will you contribute to your joining? How will you contribute to the world? What are your passions? Do this, find this, before you get “joined”—-you will contribute a lot to your joining–whether it’s a marriage, a workplace, a family, a faith.

Hmmm. We forget that sometimes–we Christians. God is not here to hollow out his creation and make them clones of Jesus. He needs something to work with. That’s why you gotta be the best Trill you can be as a host for such a cool symbiant. (Oh my, I’ve surely crossed a line—Jesus as Symbiant….) But I think it works. I’ve met too many Christian young adults who are empty vessels–no personality–save worry about not doing the right thing—who are hiding who they are and I think they get this message from well-meaning folks and colleges. Hey, good men and women, God doesn’t want “you” to be a robot, a device that he manipulates, downloads His thoughts and desires—he enjoys a cool person to talk with, to “join” with.

Give him one. The more interesting, the better.

36F, or Summer in Whitehorse

Beach, by Scarleth WhiteAh, is this great or what?  January 14, 2009: Even one day of 5C in the midst of -30C  is a beautiful thing.  Yes, the roads are slick from the melting snow–but look at those words again, “melting snow”—Can May be far off?  Can grass and green and summer’s sheen be right around the corner?  I just wanted to walk around town today.  I may still go walking somewhere.   I don’t hope the snow disappears–we need the cold for the Yukon Quest, and what would we call Frostbite if it stayed at 5C?  –Sunburn?  Rendezvous would have to give up ice sculptures and put an inflatable pool out by Elijah Smith.  Nope, we need the winter to be what it has been in the past–not -30C for three more months!— but definitely -10 to -20 for a few months longer.  However, it makes you love these moments.  These balmy 5 above moments. Just look at all the happy hat-free people outside, how they bring their dogs for walks downtown, how people are stopping and talking on Main Street, outside; those smiles are growing with every degree.  Tiny Tim is throwing his crutch in the air and shouting, “God bless us, every one!!”  Okay, maybe Tim isn’t–but this is the Christmas Cheer nonetheless, frozen in place on the streets during the holidays, thawing out and drifting around in the air.  The warm, summer air.

And, Mom in Texas, I never thought I’d say how warm 36F feels, but ohhhh, it’s toasty out there.  And, no, I’m not wearin’ a hat.


Photo is by Scarleth White from her trip to Florida, but this is how we feel on a day like today!