36F, or Summer in Whitehorse

Beach, by Scarleth WhiteAh, is this great or what?  January 14, 2009: Even one day of 5C in the midst of -30C  is a beautiful thing.  Yes, the roads are slick from the melting snow–but look at those words again, “melting snow”—Can May be far off?  Can grass and green and summer’s sheen be right around the corner?  I just wanted to walk around town today.  I may still go walking somewhere.   I don’t hope the snow disappears–we need the cold for the Yukon Quest, and what would we call Frostbite if it stayed at 5C?  –Sunburn?  Rendezvous would have to give up ice sculptures and put an inflatable pool out by Elijah Smith.  Nope, we need the winter to be what it has been in the past–not -30C for three more months!— but definitely -10 to -20 for a few months longer.  However, it makes you love these moments.  These balmy 5 above moments. Just look at all the happy hat-free people outside, how they bring their dogs for walks downtown, how people are stopping and talking on Main Street, outside; those smiles are growing with every degree.  Tiny Tim is throwing his crutch in the air and shouting, “God bless us, every one!!”  Okay, maybe Tim isn’t–but this is the Christmas Cheer nonetheless, frozen in place on the streets during the holidays, thawing out and drifting around in the air.  The warm, summer air.

And, Mom in Texas, I never thought I’d say how warm 36F feels, but ohhhh, it’s toasty out there.  And, no, I’m not wearin’ a hat.


Photo is by Scarleth White from her trip to Florida, but this is how we feel on a day like today!

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