Two After-School Fantasy/Sci-fi Writing Classes for Teens: PC and FH

Starting Sept 16 at FH and Oct 1 at PC, I will be offering science fiction and fantasy writing to interested secondary students.  

The Little Girl and her Giant Crocodile, Mauro Lira
The Little Girl and her Giant Crocodile, Mauro Lira

Are you attending Vanier, FH or PC this year?  Do you like to read science fiction or fantasy, and do you like to write your own?  Come join a group of dedicated young fantasy/sci fi writers like yourself on Wednesdays at FH Collins, or on Thursdays at PC, after school.  Snacks will be provided for the hungry.  Bring your own notebook paper and pen.  A journal is best.  We’ll play some writing games and get you pulling stuff out of your imagination–and then writing stories.  

After two successful years of running the first group–which last year landed at FH Collins–I’m starting a group up at PC.  If you think you’re interested or know someone who might be, get in contact with the Parks and Recreation folks at 668-8325 and register for either the FH or PC version.  Registration begins on Sept 8–one week from today.  Classes begin earlier at FH Collins—and their program is 13 weeks; PC, since we’re just starting out, has an 8 week run.  

FH Collins begins: Sept 16

PC begins: Oct 1

Crocodiles will not be provided.  Please bring your own.

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