Big Bear Tarot–a new gig

Summer 2020 has been difficult. Hard to make money, or to keep busy.

I have learned new skills in watercolor, taken classes in figure drawing and fiction, painted acrylic paintings, started a work out program, ended a workout program, quit art school, started a new program at a different school, taught kids how to write online, watched a lot of great online discussions from authors, started doing small watercolor paintings, opened a patreon—and built about five websites! LOL.

I also took my interest in tarot cards to another level, training with classes from a well known, experienced Tarot Card Reader.

And now I started doing readings.

So the official site is BIG BEAR TAROT and you can check it out at that link.

If you’ve followed this blog or me for awhile you know I still attend an American Baptist Church in Dayton, OH (when they can open safely, that is… still not convinced this is the safe time.) I still believe in God, Jesus, the Bible, the Golden Rule…but I also recognize that folks are hurting and need to talk right now.

Tarot is a conversation starting deck of cards!

Oh, just slap down three cards for someone and let me tell you—they will talk about what they need to talk about. I’m thinking about taking my deck to the next party or convention I go to! Just to see if people want to sit and talk… I think of them as very well done inkblots of archetypal characters and patterns. Those cards prompt us to work out areas of our life that are troubling us, work out relationships, careers, situations.

And I find them fascinating. That I could randomly draw three cards from a deck of 78 and be able to talk about the things that are really on my/your mind. I do draw them for myself too… and they help me have a conversation about things I need to think about.

So I decided to see if I can help others, and make a few bucks along the way. I do email readings right now, or I will give you a video if you prefer.

I’m especially hoping to reach out to the queer community, bears, etc. I’ve noticed a lot of my bear friends having it rough emotionally and psychologically. If I can help by being intuitive for them, I want to do that.