Leaving America: the Radio Series

Hey, looks like it’s a go!  CBC Yukon is airing my radio series starting Monday, June 2, between 7:15 and 7:30am.  The episodes are about 6 min apiece and there’s seven of them.  Five from Mon-Fri and then two left over on Mon, the 9th and Tues, the 10th.

The seven episodes cover my road trip from Midway TX to Whitehorse, YT–4000 miles of stopovers, national parks and interesting things that I did and thought about and interesting people I met along the way–not all of them, of course.  I only had a total of 49 minutes, tops!

Mostly it’s about Immigration and what you think about when you change your national identity.  But there’s a lot of science fiction in there too because they are so intertwined.  (see earlier post on Immigration and Aliens).

Hope you enjoy it.  I had a lot of fun doing the audio edits and choosing music and sound effects.  I’ve hidden a lot of science fiction music cues in the piece–and hearing what I did with Klingon battle music is worth getting up that early!  LOL.