Write a Novel With Us: National Novel Writing Month

So you might be bored this November and wonder what to do. You could shovel the walkway again. You could restack the wood. You could rent the Lord of the Rings trilogy or catch up on LOST episodes.

Or you could write a whole novel.

Yep, thousands of people are doing it. And it’s easy to do.

1. Go to www.nanowrimo.org and sign up for FREE.

2. You can write to your heart’s abandon for 30 days. Your aim is to write 50,000 words. But i’ve got two novel writing classes who are aiming this year for 10,000 words–or a novella.

3. Along the way, you get all this encouragement from NaNoWriMo–including well known authors–and me, as I will be sending daily notes.

4. You get to watch your word count rise and the word counts of everyone who is your Buddy.

5. You get to write whatever you want, good, bad, otherwise–and finally get that novel out of you.

6. You can upload your text in Scrambled form using Word. I’ll show you how in a later post. But no one gets to read your novel if you don’t want them to.

7. You have more than 20 people in Whitehorse writing with you! That’s a good company!

So, you have all the incentive, and no drawbacks. If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel—start now with us! You’ll be happy you did. We’ll hold a celebration party on Nov 30 or Dec 1st to congratulate all Whitehorse participants.

When you sign up, find me: Bearnabas–and we’ll be Writing buddies.  (Bearnabas is a variation of Barnabas which means Son of Encouragement.  So, now I’m the Bear of Encouragement.  I know, a bit corny, but it works!)  Happy Novel Writing!

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