The Enchanted North: the Art of Nathalie Parenteau

Sea Otter and Volcano, Nathalie Parenteau

When I see Nathalie Parenteau’s art, it makes me feel as if I’m seeing what I would be seeing if I had enchanted glasses. I like her animals–how they run wild through the colors, and even when they stand still, their reflections run rivulets of Fantasy to the bottom of the image. I love the tenderness of Klimt between lovers in this wild kingdom; and the women who pick cranberries–I like how their hair rises; and how the moon witnesses moose, caribou, northern life; and how the red cloaks reveal so much, ravens living inside; and how the legs dribble like the edges of a dream; and the mandelas, especially the feathers of the snowy owl, how you can feel them.

If I bought as much of her art as I want, my house would unfold like a storybook.

Caribou Shimmers, by Nathalie Parenteau

I’d like to get me a pair of those glasses–look outside my windows and see what Nathalie sees. I’ve linked above to a page that sells her work. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Enchanted North: the Art of Nathalie Parenteau

  1. Kater February 3, 2009 / 9:59

    I agree. I especially love the one of the women picking cranberries.

  2. jstueart February 3, 2009 / 9:59

    I knew you would like it, Kater. Did you click on the page of her art? It’s amazing.

    By the way, did you know when you google me, and press images, that you get a ton of your art? You are amazing, Kater…really.

  3. Carole February 4, 2009 / 9:59

    Nathalie Parenteau is one of my favourite local artists too. One of her prints sits in my friend’s home in Paradise, NFLD, while another adorns my sister’s living room in northern Ontario. It’s funny how we always buy for others what we want for ourselves. I finally received one as a graduation gift – one that is truly representative of this beautiful place I live in. Thank you Nathalie.

  4. psychic August 19, 2011 / 9:59

    Nathalie’s work is so filled with a child-like innocence and love of colour. Stillness and movement coexist and a great balance in the composition…appealing

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