24hr Playwriting Contest: deadline for registration April 9th

color-swallow-1--catherine cheekGang of Writers!

You say you want to write a play!  Or a spoken word piece!  Come to the 24hr Playwriting Contest that happens April 18th-19th from 11am on Saturday to 11am on Sunday at the Westmark.  For 50 bucks you get a room for the night, free breakfast, free coffee and snacks, free yoga, and free dramaturges who sit around waiting to tow your plots out of the ditch, free your scenes, and otherwise encourage you.  You can’t find a sweeter deal for writers!

Deadline for sign-up is April 9th at 5pm!  Call Nakai at 667-2646 (#2) and someone will take your info off the phone call, or come by Nakai’s office in the Whitepass Station on 1st street and get a registration form.

Come and enjoy the frenzy of community writing in  a nice shwanky hotel.  Turn your play in on Sunday 11am with the rest of the writing crew!  And sign up for our later Cabaret (in May) to see a scene performed from your play.  Prizes will be awarded by our judges!  There are TONS of good prizes.

Come Play with Us!!

Jerome Stueart

Producer, 24hr Playwriting Contest!

—picture by Catherine Cheek

One thought on “24hr Playwriting Contest: deadline for registration April 9th

  1. Kater April 9, 2009 / 9:59

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Write a post on how it goes when it’s done.

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