Yukon Writers Festival: Reading, 7pm, Beringia Centre

Everyone, come hear the six Yukon Writers Festival writers read on Wednesday night at 7pm at the Beringia Centre for FREE. Part of Live Words: Yukon Writers Festival and the Young Authors Conference, these six writers will be teaching young adults to write at FH Collins–and this presentation is free and open to the public.

I’ve been asked to be the MC for the evening. As I have nothing funny to say, and you can’t be a good MC without funny material–I need six words from readers of my blog–one per person please–the first six– that I have to fit into my opening short speech. And if I get all six, I should win some sort of prize. Nothing that I couldn’t say in public please–so I won’t accept vulgar expressions.

It’s fun. And if you come, you get to see if I can fit them all in.

4 thoughts on “Yukon Writers Festival: Reading, 7pm, Beringia Centre

  1. Jennifer M April 28, 2009 / 9:59


    yep…that’s my word!! Yummy!

  2. Dave April 29, 2009 / 9:59


  3. jstueart May 7, 2009 / 9:59

    Okay, I failed to play this game at all. The evening went well–though I flubbed the close. I forgot how to close a secular event. I nearly led the group in prayer–that’s how much “church” has invaded my subconscious.

    The Fluffs of Onomatopoeia were yummy. There, how’d I do?

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