MAD goes into Outer Space for Halloween

alien1Kudos to the kids of MAD (Music Art Drama) for their Haunted House this year, with its, yes, SCIENCE FICTION theme.  I won’t give anything away, but it’s a lot of fun.  

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly shocked.  I really enjoyed the opening number with their rendition of “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and the old movie posters and clips through that number!  Brought back a lot of good memories.  

My advice is not to come too early because you’ll be sitting for a bit.  Come closer to the times they let people in: 1:00 and 2:30 on Halloween.  

You have a hard choice–whether to go through the line and into the haunted house, or sit and watch some cute homemade films from the kids.  I say, stay and enjoy the films at first; the haunted house will be there, so you don’t need to be in line up front.  

I won’t tell you what’s in the rooms, but they’ve done a good job at recreating some of the frights of space travel that have been highly “documented” in science fiction…and playing them for all their worth in front of people.  

I just want to tell the kids: You got me back for scaring you.  The rooms are excellent.  I left wanting more rooms.  There’s some nice originality in these scenes.  I love the Observatory!  But it was the room with the synchronized bodies in it that freaked me out….  The use of the scrim on the stairs was a nice, scary touch, too.  What the MAD kids seem to know is that it doesn’t matter if you show all the details…they leave a lot un-shown, and that’s what frightens you.

Five Dollars will get you a good scare!  Go out and support these high schoolers from MAD.  They’ve done an awesome job. 

And thank you, Jeff and Mary, for thinking of Science Fiction when you think of scary…

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