Dancing Bears on Main Street, Whitehorse: Sarah MacDougall, The Greatest Ones Alive

So, I’ve always wanted to be a bear.  Sarah MacDougall’s album, The Greatest Ones Alive, is being released at the Yukon Arts Centre on Saturday, Nov 12, and Erin and I decided to promote the album by being the dancing bears on the cover of her album.

Costumes rented, we danced up and down Main Street.  We had a great time.  Sarah MacDougall was there, and captured us in a video and put us dancing to her beautiful song, “Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win.”

I already love her CD.  And I was already looking forward to seeing her live in concert.  Now I feel deeply honoured to be part of her VIDEO!!  And I get to be the bear I always wanted to be. I think I was born to be a mascot–what do you think??

Tickets are still available (667-8574, box office).

I would go on and on about a) her music, and b) the existential moment of being a bear, but I’ll let you watch the video instead.


Find Sarah MacDougall’s CD, The Greatest Ones Alive here.


 ’Thoughtful, strong, and spiritual”- The Globe and Mail

“This is a real breathtaking and touching record from one of the greatest talents of this era.”- Rootstime, Belgium

“Sarah MacDougall (from Malmoe and now Canada) has become one of the few voices that is separating itself from the big choir of song poets”- Ystad Allehanda, Sweden 5/5 stars!

“A downright intoxicating beauty!” 5/5 stars!- AltCountry.nl, Holland

“Like Ane Brun and Wendy McNeill, we’re not so specific about nationality when we  declare Sarah one of Sweden’s best singer/songwriters” Nöjesguiden, Sweden 4/5 stars!

“A near perfect collection of memories of love”- Allgigs.co.uk 4.5/5 stars!

Described by the magazine Rootstime in Belgium as ‘One of the greatest talents of our era”, and listed as the “2nd best gig” by the major UK newspaper The Independent,  becoming the #1 most played artist on Canadian Galaxie Folk/Roots radio, Canadian/Swedish Sarah MacDougall is an upcoming artist who is getting known for her honest and poetic songs, blistering guitar chops, passionate performances, and unique astounding voice. She has been earning rave reviews and topping major music writers top ten album of the year lists as a songwriter since her official debut album Across the Atlantic (2009), all the while producing and engineering her own music. Born in Sweden, 24 hrs Vancouver called her ‘one of the most promising exports out of Sweden since Abba’, Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden recently declared her “One of Sweden’s best singer/songwriters”. The debut Across the Atlantic got four-star reviews in such notable publications as Q magazine, the Irish Times, No Depression, and the recent album The Greatest Ones Alive has been gathering 4 and 5 star reviews since its release in August 2011.

Sarah’s songs have been chosen for onboard entertainment on Lufthansa airplanes twice, on the Fox TV drama ’15 Love’, on an ad for Roots Clothing , and she’s been a semi-finalist on the International Songwriting competition with her song Crow’s Lament. She has performed live on the Bob Harris BBC2 show in the UK, played several Canadian and International Festivals,  performed with such notable artists as Mary Gauthier, Todd Snider, Kimmie Rhodes, and toured with Po’Girl.

THE GREATEST ONES ALIVE was produced in Vancouver and in Whitehorse with the help of Matt Rogers (Mark Berube, C.R. Avery, The Fugitives), and Bob Hamilton (Kim Barlow, Gordie Tentrees, the Breakmen). It features ten melodic, beautifully written, epic, and touching songs that showcase the growth in Sarah’s songwriting and performance skills. It covers themes such as storms (literal and metaphoric), success, growing up, love, friendship, and dying. The album also showcases the musical skills of Tim Tweedale, Shawn Killaly, Patrick Metzger, and Matt Rogers, with guest appearances by Bob Hamilton, Meredith Bates, Annie Avery, Awna Teixeira, Kim Beggs, Kim Barlow, and Gordie Tentrees.
Sarah MacDougall is one of the hardest working Canadian artists today, and she won’t be stopping anytime soon. THE GREATEST ONES ALIVE proves that Across the Atlantic wasn’t a fluke. Sarah’s voice and songs have the power to ‘make stones weep’. (Q magazine)

(all quoted material from Sarah’s website)

Thank you, Sarah!  May our lives have many moments of dancing bears in them.  

One thought on “Dancing Bears on Main Street, Whitehorse: Sarah MacDougall, The Greatest Ones Alive

  1. MJ Warshawski November 11, 2011 / 9:59

    Love Sarah’s music. Love that our Main Street is a place where dancing bears have appeared. And hopefully may again.

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