November 15:  We watch movies in the Bedroom

Do you watch movies in the bedroom too?  Or series TV?  Joey and I got hooked on Severance!  And then Resident Alien, then Andor, House of the Dragon, etc.  I wonder what you think they might be watching.  I love being cozy and watching stories with someone you love. I also love buying a pizza, having choc pudding ready, and watching a show on my own!  (I don’t eat pizza in the bed though… not a good place for pizza…. )


This part of “The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius” is a small series with essays talking about “The Bedroom is our Living Room.” Yukon and Bumble had to swap the bedroom and living room because Bumble needed the extra room, but it got me to thinking about what kinds of “living” we do in our bedrooms. How can our bedrooms be our “living” rooms. What kinds of things besides the obvious do you do in your bedrooms?

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