November 18:  The Bedroom as Invitation and Welcome

nvitation to what? Rest, relief, comfort, recharge?  While I imagined that Yukon was thinking of/looking at Bumble when he put the card there, like a place-setting, like an invitation to come to bed, like the pat his hand might be doing on the sheets there to indicate that Bumble is welcome, I know that’s a card in everyone’s bedroom— even when I’m alone, the bed always looks like it welcomes me to my spot. We look to the bedroom to hold us and give us comfort and rest till the morning.

I also know that when there’s a partner involved that we like to know we are invited, even if that place is “always” ours.  We share it with someone.  The Bedroom–as a sanctuary–is sometimes a shared sanctuary where we have to be comfortable with the person sharing it.  It’s nice to see the smile of someone inviting us to the place they’ve saved for us–even after a 1001 Nights.  It’s reassuring to know they enjoy the seating arrangement!

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