October 4: Yukon Cornelius feeds a Unicorn

Contrary to popular belief, unicorns are not hung up about your sexual status.  I know we’ve been taught that only people who are sexually “pure”…a “virgin” … can get near them. That’s a bunch of hogswaller. Unicorns, like any magical creature, want to feel safe with you. They detect kindness, not virginity. Some old religious dudes who were frightened of the powers of women and sex decided they would make this unicorn a judge of the goodness of people based on their own stringent rules about sex and the body. They quarantined this beauty behind a fence of abstinence to keep the joy of your own body away from you. Look at me in this moment. She doesn’t care about whom I’ve loved, or slept with, or played with, or enjoyed… she just wants fresh mangoes. And she will make Ugly Mouth and Happy Eyes and come right to you just to have them. She will be your best friend because you gave her something she loved, not because you denied yourself something you would love.

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