October 5: Yukon Cornelius teaches a Skunk Ape about Beard Oil

When he said, ‘surprise them” and “spice things up,’ of course I led him to the beard oil. All three of them liked strong scents, but lately he just felt like something was missing in the kissing. So, all those small animals he killed was his way of trying to improve his smell, but, of course, the neighborhood couldn’t tolerate any eventual assault on their pets. I introduced him to all the scents I had in stock. He sampled patchouli, Happiness (a citrus blend), Rose, Lavender and Vanilla, Daddy (a version of Smoke and Leather), Dusk (a spicy musk) and Bergamot Bear (green tea and elderberries). He liked them all. And eventually decided to rub some of all of them in different areas. He said his mates would then get to rediscover him in stages all over his body. I smiled at his thoughtfulness. Finally, like a good friend and his first hairdresser would, i suggested some hair gel which he used to turn his hair into waves of black meringue. When he was finished, I gave him a variety pack of scents in a small bag.  ‘They’re gonna love you, ‘ I told him. He grinned, and walked out into the night, his fur radiating a whole summer of desire.

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