“The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius”

You are cordially invited to “The Further (Queer) Adventures of Yukon Cornelius,” a solo art show by artist
Jerome Stueart, reimagining the boisterous red-bearded prospector from the 1964 Christmas special, “Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” as a gay man whose whole life is helping monsters, “Hiddens,” adapt to the world of
people around them. This exhibit of giant-sized acrylic paintings and smaller watercolor paintings examines
queer life and issues through the lens of monsters and heroes. Stueart, a World Fantasy Award nominee in
Short Fiction, has written stories to go with some of the paintings which you can read through QR codes on the
paintings or hear in a reading Sunday afternoon as part of an artist’s talk. Yukon Cornelius was created by
Romeo Muller and is in the public domain. A special wall will celebrate Muller, a gay Jewish writer who penned
many well-known, well-beloved movies. Event is FREE and open to the public. Light refreshments served.
Mature Content.

Thursday night: Soft opening 7:00-8:30pm
Formal Opening: Friday night, Dec. 16 ~ 6pm to 8:30pm
Light refreshments! Come join me!

Saturday, Dec. 17 ~ 12-5pm ~ Gallery is open!
Sunday, Dec. 18 ~ 11-4pm ~ Gallery is open!

Artist talk at 2pm there, but also broadcast on Facebook Live
or through ZOOM.

Where: Dayton Society of Artists, 48 High Street (in St. Anne’s Hill, Dayton)
with ample parking available across the street.

Note: Stories associated with the paintings will be up on HERE on this website
starting December 10, if you want to read stories ahead of the show!

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