Researching for Longest Night (Dec 20, 21): We Are Not Alone

Researching for Longest Night, I was told that Daniel Janke wanted real reports of UFOs during my segments.  Over the last week of researching,  I’ve become a bit jittery.  There’s a lot more than I really want to think about.  Check out this footage from NASA.


Don’t know about you.  But when I come across video footage from NASA, I start to believe.  Don’t know if you already believe or not.  But we’ll be looking at several high profile cases at the Longest Night performance this year–in between puppetry and music–since their theme is We Are Not Alone.

I’ll post more research here and let you know how it’s coming.  But you can come see the finished product DEC 20th and 21st, 8pm.  Yukon Arts Centre.  Tickets available now.

When Both the US and Canadian National Anthems Mean a Lot, You Sing Them Both With Your Hand On Your Heart

I’m really proud to have been asked to sing the national anthems of the US and Canada at the Yukon Quest Banquet held in Whitehorse, this past February, 2010.  As an immigrant to Canada, it meant the world to sing both anthems–they have a special meaning for me.  

It was a race from the US to Canada that we were there to celebrate this year.  So I could relate.  

I also like how much the Canadians like to sing along when we start “O Canada”.