ENGL 205: Literary Representations of the Natural World

Hey Folks, Andrew Richardson’s teaching a Literature course at Yukon College this semester and it sounds great. Here’s his description, with another fine photo from Amanda Graham. If you’re at all interested in writing about the natural world or enjoy books about the natural world, this class could be just what you need to introduce you to books you can hunker down with this winter.

ENGL 205: Literary Representations of the Natural World–Fall 2008

Instructor, Andrew Richardson

Ever been at a loss for words in the presence of Nature’s grandeur? Well, don’t despair: Others have found the words already!–and you can explore them. Sign up for English 205 and delve into the best writing about the natural world and humanity’s relationship to it. The course syllabus includes controversial GG Award winner Bear, by Marian Engel.

ENGL205 transfers to several universities down south. Course Website: dl1.yukoncollege.yk.ca/engl205
Prerequisite: completion of a college-level intro to literature course or instructor’s permission. Contact Yukon College for more registration information.

For more information about the course, contact Andrew Richardson directly at: