Alpha Inventions: Just Go Somewhere

Okay, by fluke, it seems, a website called Alpha Inventions started showing my blog in a series of rotating blogs. It increased my traffic in seconds–with one caveat–it did not increase any clicks on any pages.

Here’s what happens: the carousel of blogs go round. They are random. Often they are from people who have come there seeking info about how their blog got on the carousel. You can pause a blog and read it. 

If you go there, you’re in control.  PAUSE something and read it.  Go browse on pages you find interesting. I found a few blogs myself that are pretty nifty.  

Some things that do cause a little concern on the site:  I just started noticing advertising on the page, and that the blogs which had been shown at 30 second intervals are now at 2 second intervals.  Not a lot of time to see anything of interest, or even for the pictures on blogs to download all the way.  Kind of defeats the purpose.  

My assumption, and I can be wrong, but it seems that Alpha Inventions, then, is just using your blog to get people to stay on the site to read the advertising.   From about twenty minutes on the site, where the blogs rotated fast, it seemed the Mormons were a top benefactor.  It’s unfortunate that Alpha Inventions will not show you what information they have gathered about you, so I couldn’t find where on the blog that my post was listed or how people were coming here.  Since they no longer show blogs for more than 2 seconds, its not a great way to browse blogs— Are they simply another commercial-producing site that uses my blog to hawk other people’s wares?  Maybe.  Those who subscribe get multiple showings.  But with two seconds, what are you getting?  What you paid for?  

And since I didn’t give anything to Alpha Inventions, is it just this entry that attracts the roving blog-grabber?  I don’t know.  But it seems that it capitalizes on a blogger’s desire to be seen, and so he/she puts their blog into the queue.  But it’s random, doesn’t last long in the queue, and you have no way of seeing how your blog got nabbed in the first place to get the attention.  

For something I don’t know much about–and which uses my blog to advertise other stuff–I’m a bit wary.