The Moon Over Marsh Lake (and Tokyo) through Leaves in the Fall

 My new story is up at Fantasy Magazine.  In honor of that, I took this footage out at Family Camp this weekend, a time where our church goes out and camps together.  A spectacular full moon found us there, and I took this footage through spruce and pine and poplar there at Marsh Lake.  It’s quiet at first, but wait for the screams at the end.  

The story, “Moon Over Tokyo through Leaves in the Fall,” which is up at Fantasy Magazine, is ready for your reading.  

Enjoy the peace of the full moon over Marsh Lake (and the screams).  Sorry it’s so black except for the moon….usually the moon lights up much more.  And enjoy the story.  Thanks!

Realms of Fantasy Saved!

Seems the Fantasy magazine Realms of Fantasy has been saved.

This just in from the Facebook group “Save Realms of Fantasy”:


Subject: Realms of Fantasy has been bought!

Howdy folks,

Realms of Fantasy is not dead.  It was just resting.  The announcement reached my email a few minutes ago: Realms of Fantasy has been bought by Tir Na Nog Press and will continue to provide the fantasy and literary community with fabulous stories and artwork under the editorial direction of Shawna McCarthy.

Thanks to all of you for joining us in supporting the magazine.  I know our efforts were appreciated by Shawna and Doug.  For more information you can check out the relevant articles on Doug’s Live Journal and (links have been provided on the Facebook page).

If you have yet to subscribe to Realms I highly recommend you do so now–and bring a friend!  If you were already a subscriber you should also bring a friend!  Print media is taking a beating these days.  The only way fine mags like Realms will survive is if we continue to support them.  We just took a big step in the right direction–now keep on trucking and subscribe!

A thousand thanks,

The Mods


Congrats to everyone who supported RoF in this crisis.

Fantasy Magazine Accepts My Story

Solar Ikon's Cheers on Flickr, creative commons license“Moon Over Tokyo Through Leaves in the Fall” found a home at Fantasy magazine, an online fantasy webzine. It’s a great webzine and I know it will be a good home for the story. They really treat their contributors well. They spotlight authors with interviews, and the website layout is very professional. It’s a solid venue for all types of fantasy and magic realism stories.

The story I submitted had to do with wine-making, hence the picture. This is from Solar Ikon’s Flickr collection. The story won’t be on the website for awhile, but it’s nice to have the acceptance. May the new year bring us all ….Acceptance. Cheers!


For guidelines to Fantasy magazine

Predicting the Yukon of the Future: a new radio series

I’m excited to announce that there will be a new 5-part radio series beginning sometime in November, either next Monday, 17th, or the following Monday, lasting 5 days in a row, exploring life in the Yukon in 2058. In honour of CBC North’s 50th Anniversary, we take you flash-forward into a very positive look at the future.

Recently I read a column at Fantasy Magazine’s website entitled, Why We Need Scientist Heroes Again, and the author made a good case for thinking positive:

“Show of hands – who wants to retire to their grandchildren’s sub-prime one-room hovel in the decayed urban warzone that was once America?

Or perhaps roam the sweltering wasteland looking for gasoline while the mutants hunt you down?

Yeah, thought so.

Then let’s inspire some smart folks to get scientifical and create smart solutions to our stupid problems.”

So, in that spirit, I pitched Yukon 2058 to CBC North and they liked it. And I think things will get more and more interesting in the north over the next 50 years. Not every positive accomplishment will have positive consequences all the way round. And that too is a power science fiction has–to warn us. If everything turns out just hunky-dory we never have to change what we’re doing. But in the spirit of thinking positive– of actually dealing with climate change (cause it will happen), I hope you enjoy Yukon 2058, my own personal vision of the Yukon of the future. If you like some of the things, don’t wait 50 years to start them, or to think up things on your own. Create the place you want to live in, the place you want your kids to live in, the place you want to retire in. The world is going to turn its collective global head north very soon–let people know what you would like to see in fifty years.

Also, there’s a science fiction anthology in the works looking at optimistic near future science fiction, called Shine. Check out the website and submit your stories. I’ll write another post about Shine too.