Realms of Fantasy Saved!

Seems the Fantasy magazine Realms of Fantasy has been saved.

This just in from the Facebook group “Save Realms of Fantasy”:


Subject: Realms of Fantasy has been bought!

Howdy folks,

Realms of Fantasy is not dead.  It was just resting.  The announcement reached my email a few minutes ago: Realms of Fantasy has been bought by Tir Na Nog Press and will continue to provide the fantasy and literary community with fabulous stories and artwork under the editorial direction of Shawna McCarthy.

Thanks to all of you for joining us in supporting the magazine.  I know our efforts were appreciated by Shawna and Doug.  For more information you can check out the relevant articles on Doug’s Live Journal and (links have been provided on the Facebook page).

If you have yet to subscribe to Realms I highly recommend you do so now–and bring a friend!  If you were already a subscriber you should also bring a friend!  Print media is taking a beating these days.  The only way fine mags like Realms will survive is if we continue to support them.  We just took a big step in the right direction–now keep on trucking and subscribe!

A thousand thanks,

The Mods


Congrats to everyone who supported RoF in this crisis.

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