Cell Phones, Brain Tumours and the Future of Communication

Just finished reading a great article by Melinda Wenner in Walrus Magazine about the connection between Cell Phones and Brain Tumours.  What it does isn’t so much confirm the connection, but confirm the complete avoidance by cell phone companies on confirming compelling evidence.  It was enough to make me want to limit use.  Check out the article for yourself on Walrus, the magazine.  You make the call–or not.

Cellphone Games

I’m tired of there not being more sound, comprehensive studies done, and that science is being curbed by companies.  If we can get phen-phen off the market, why can’t we do some substantial studies on technology–something that affects millions and millions of people?

If I were iPhone, I would make Skype standard on the device, elimate the phone itself and just make it a video phone–we’re heading there anyway.  Vidphones are about to catch up to Science Fiction.   And having to see a screen in your hand would keep the radiation away from your brain.

My Prediction: Whoever makes Skype universal on their Blackberry/iphone/Palm Pilot/cellphone wins the communication wars.  Period.