Leaving America is All Here

Okay, I uploaded the rest of Leaving America.  All seven episodes are there.  Some of you heard this in a 5 episode run–don’t know what they (Toronto) cut, but they went from Seven 6.5 min episodes to Five 5 min episodes.  Here are the original versions where you even get to hear me do a bad Tiki Chorus at the Ft. Nelson hotel….forgive me.  I was having too much fun.

The 4000 mile road-trip journey is full of immigrants, storms, wild and woolly Oz, screaming Heads, funny interviews, a little history, a little death, a lot of song, and many hidden science fiction references–especially in the music.  After all, immigration is about being an alien who finds a home.

And that’s pure science fiction.

I want to thank everyone who allowed me to talk with them along the way, my family, my friends, CBC and Arnold Hedstrom for funding it and giving me complete creative freedom, the great musicians whose music runs through this.  And to all the listeners who liked it and told me about it.  Thanks for liking my story.


Leaving America Is Up

Hey folks, just placed the first three episodes of Leaving America, my radio series about my immigration journey, up on the site–as its own page.  I’m sorry you have to click on two separate pages–but I’m not as familiar with WordPress as I’d like to be.  Still, I’m very happy that the files are up somewhere.

Hope you enjoy them.  I will put up a page for Yukon 2058 as soon as the series is done on CBC.  They will not be putting them online, so I can place them here for those who missed episodes.

Thanks for your encouragement and kind words.


Leaving America is playing in Edmonton

Just heard some good news.  My 7 part radio series “Leaving America,” about my immigration journey from Texas to the Yukon, is now playing on CBC in Edmonton!!  (Thanks Diane Walton and Marcelle Dubé for letting me know).  For more thoughts on the similarities between being an Alien and being an alien see my post on “Immigration and Aliens“.

Very happy to be here.  And parts 6 and 7 are set completely in Canada.  Part Six is with my good friends in Calgary and includes romping through Vulcan, Alberta, nights of Battlestar Galactica, viewing the William Shatner Show, and the Glenbow.  Thanks to Kirstin Morrell for making the transition to Canada so filled with good memories!  She knows how to show aliens around.  The rest of the series talks about Canada through the eyes of someone heading there and what I love about the place I’m going.  As well as adventurous moments in travel through the States.