Shine Anthology Extends Deadline: spin positive, change the world

Incredible Art by Kater Cheek
Incredible Art by Kater Cheek

Shine Anthology, edited by Jetse de Vries, has extended their deadline for submissions of positive, near future science fiction to August 1st.  You got less than a month.  Just a reminder--SHINE guidelines, SHINE expectations, and some fine essays:

Why I Can’t Write a Near Future, Optimistic SF Story–this one is a brilliant essay and really calls into question the nature of science fiction.  Have we been feeding off science to create doomsday scenarios and don’t-touch-this theologies?  These are great excuses about why people CAN’T write positive science fiction, but in the end, we should.

Optimistic Literature and SF Around the World:  5 parts just as the title suggests. Great reading.  Nice job, Jetse.  I wish these were published in a book, too, but then they wouldn’t be so graciously free!  Thanks!


So AUGUST 1st:  Get WRITING.  Create the World.  You have three weeks.