When Writers Come Together

Perhaps it was my nostalgia for Clarion, or maybe it was the weekend I had in Calgary that all the science fiction writers had their weekend of writing.  All I know is that for two and a half hours, our group wrote.  We set up in the library and worked on our laptops and I was happy.

It’s funny, the communal aspects of writing.  Why was I so excited to do this?  Why was it so much fun to be in a room writing with others?  Why is it so hard sometimes doing this alone?

Because I’m a social creature perhaps.  Being by myself is very very difficult—professions that make me have to be away from people are hard on me socially.  But I loved having them in the room, so I could do both at once.  I’m suggesting we do these on a regular basis–so once a month right now, but maybe more later….

Anyway, it was good to do.  I worked on a short story, though it took a turn I’ve decided to abandon–too dark for me.  I got the willies just writing about it and it overpowered my story….

Still, the exercise is good–and I plan on doing this when I offer my novel writing course in the fall.

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