Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Class for Young Writers: FH COLLINS, WEDNESDAYS

Our very popular science fiction and fantasy writing class–aimed for 11-18 year old writers–is happening again at FH COLLINS, on Wednesdays.  This year we’re concentrating on helping everyone get something finished by Christmas.  Many of them are doing their own novels, but want to explore shorter fiction.  We have writers who enjoy historical fantasy, dark fantasy and comedy, hard science fiction, comedic horror, urban fantasy, and just plain I-don’t-know-what-it-is-but-I’m-sure-it’s-probably-fantasy….  

These are some of the coolest kids I know; very smart, well-read, and ready to explore some of the more mundane aspects of fantasy writing this year: making the fantasy more real.  So we’re gonna have a lot of time spent on developing characters, description, scenes where there’s no “action” going on, and other stuff.  

We meet afterschool–around 3:30 in the FH COLLINS LIBRARY till 5:00.  We’re being sponsored by the City of Whitehorse.  If you’re interested, contact me here–at and I’ll get you set up with the City.  Cost is $85 for 13 weeks of instruction, which include, of course, SNACKS.  (We know that proper fantasy and science fiction can only be written with food….and we try to make it healthy–fruits, crackers, cheese, nutri-grain bars, etc.  Bring your own drink)

We’ve done a lot together in our three years here—and the students are always looking to find new people to bring into the group.  Come join us and be a part of a strong writing group that can read and enjoy your science fiction or fantasy.  

The class is taught by me: I have a PhD in English with a specialty in Creative Writing, and am a veteran of the bootcamp for science fiction and fantasy writers, Clarion Writers Workshop, makers of many good writers.  I enjoy the enthusiasm of these young writers.  (This is not a class for adults, but we do have a group for adults, as well, that will be meeting Tuesday nights. )

One thought on “Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Class for Young Writers: FH COLLINS, WEDNESDAYS

  1. Ngan Bernardino September 16, 2010 / 9:59

    Limitations reside only in our thoughts. However if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless

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