Longest Night features aliens, musicians, wacky fun, and lunar eclipse

Alien love songs, alien films, dances with aliens, UFO sighting highlights over the last fifty years, not to mention the sounds of the Longest Night Ensemble with Peggy Lee, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Daniel Janke (with a couple of Christmas songs in the mix)… I am truly thrilled to be a part of such an eclectic group of artists who have taken “alien” to new heights.  This is fun, light-hearted, and thought-provoking.

I really love it when folks outside the science fiction genre take on the theme artistically—they see things I never thought of, things I’ve never seen anyone else do!  They create ideas of “alien” that are truly alien.  They invigorate the genre.  I’m so honoured to be working with Celia McBride, Moira Sauer and Brian Fidler as they literally re-create the alien.

And as a science fiction writer forced to present only the facts of UFO sightings–without trying to convince–I too am stretching out of my comfort zone: embracing the real, putting on the skeptical hat, being a reporter not a missionary.  Sticking with the facts, ma’am, and leaving the fiction at home.  It made me do as much research as a term paper, and put it in such a way that a listener gets to choose what they want to believe.

At first I fought it, then I embraced it.

Here is Mary Margaret O’Hara singing—she has a beautiful ethereal voice.

And Peggy Lee’s cello was born in space.

If you don’t have a ticket, get one for the show.  It’s a fun way to spend the longest night—after the show we have the movie “Christmas on Mars” from the Flaming Lips, and then we bought ourselves a LUNAR ECLIPSE that will be showing over Whitehorse after 10:30pm all the way to 2am (if you want to watch the light come back..from a truly DARKEST night).  Longest night is about the light coming back …. so be prepared to laugh and smile and enjoy the hooplah of alien visitation as we start our journey towards summer.  ‘Bout time.  It’s -27C outside!  My truck groaned at me today for leaving it outside during our 9 hour day of rehearsals.

(BTW, that is one sound effect I have NEVER heard in a movie….)

And you’ve never seen any “alien” like the ones you’ll see Dec 20, 21.  Come see our alien visitations!  Stay for the eclipse.  We’re projecting the whole eclipse over the entire city of Whitehorse (we’ve spared NO expense!)

One thought on “Longest Night features aliens, musicians, wacky fun, and lunar eclipse

  1. Amanda Graham December 21, 2010 / 9:59

    Well done! Fabulous show. I wasn’t sure about that dances with aliens when I read it in the program. Brilliant! And who knew that either the cello or the human voice could do make those sounds. Your part was stellar. I was reminded, a bit, of the narrator in Rocky Horror.

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