How Science Fiction has influenced Space exploration: video

s124e009982_lThe European Space Agency has a wonderful educational video (which you can hear in any language you like) that tracks the inspiration of science fiction on space exploration. Going back to Jules Verne, the ESA makes the case that inspiration pushes science. “A lot of space scientists are actually science fiction writers.” And vice versa: Working scientists become sci fi writers, and help Science make the Leap. Let’s not underestimate inspiration–without it, people don’t think of launching rockets into space, and sometimes a writer can shake out a problem that science faces by making those leaps–but don’t take my word for it. Watch the video. It’s really good and only 6 minutes long. Here’s the link.

Or if you can’t reach that link–here’s the address:

If you are a teacher, on the right at the website you’ll see lesson plans to go with the video. Inspire your students to write science fiction that will inspire scientists, or inspire your future scientists to read science fiction. We’ll all benefit from the cross pollination of ideas.

(I found this link on Thanks!)

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